Anonymous said: I seriously wish I wasn't an ugly ass fat kid and could send you pictures of myself. You're so fucking gorgeous, and I just wanted to let you know. ILY!!! <3

Hey, don’t put yourself down. If you’re emo/scene and you submit and aren’t a troll I’ll post it. 

Unless you’re a really good troll, in which case I might post it anyway. 

But seriously, not everything is about how you look. Personality is most of what people are. 

emobrokenheartsxox said: Do people every ask you why you have the most beautiful hair every

ahahaha. People say my hair is bouncy? Does that count?

mrbluesky96 said: You probably get asked this a lot an sorry if that's the case, but do you have a Kik?

I get asked this a lot yeah =p but it’s ok. I don’t have Kik sorry. Never seen the point in having it. 

tepidneptune2 said: Emo girls are awesome, thanks for making this page

Yes they are. You are welcome =3

jacquelinebvb said: hey there :) can i get featured pls ? i m new here

If you like emo girls (and if you’re following this blog you probably do), go follow . There we go. 

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Anonymous said: How do you submit things? Sorry I'm so new to this.🙈

That’s ok =3 There’s a link on our blog page, or you can just click here x


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▲Follow for more Alternative styles✖

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yanetpilar said: español o ingles?

Spanish or English? I can’t speak Spanish, so English if that’s what you’re asking. I can speak a little bit of French though. 

koritsume said: I was wondering. What are the chances of a geeky furry getting with an Emo/Scene gal? Do these two personalities just not mesh well? Am I just having a case of wanting what I'll never be able to get? I'm being honestly sincere in this question please return with an honest answer?

I don’t see why it can’t work out. Some of the geeky furry types I know are/were kinda emo/scene anyway. I mean if you’re alt, then it’s all cool. Be confident, be cool. Good luck <3

Anonymous said: Hey how do I make a submission? If I may .-.

I’ve been using tumblr app, which is why messages haven’t been answered. You can submit from the submit a picture link on our blog page. We love submissions ^^

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