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warriorbix said: So would you date a fellow emo like myself

I’m in a relationship and am super happy with it, but hypothetically speaking, it would depend on the person. If they were nice and we worked then yeah, the style part is just a happy bonus. 

finnabadeer22 said: Err.. Umm. Hi! How are you? Wait am I taking to one person or multiple people? XD..

Sup. I’m great thanks. Just the one, I’ve a couple of extra admins over the years, but now it’s pretty much just me. 

warriorbix said: Hey sexy


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Anonymous said: Search beccabooskellington in tags

Usually if someone wants to submit, they submit via the ‘submit’ link on the blog page. Or in some cases they’ll link me specific pictures they want me to reblog, and that’s cool too. 

bioshock1999 said: Do u have kik

I actually don’t, never appealed to me. 

bioshock1999 said: What's your number I wanna text u;)

No you don’t. 

Anonymous said: Bitch, yo sexy

Erm, thanks..?

Anonymous said: :( I really love you! I'm not kidding!

awwh, well you don’t even know me. I just run this blog, so not sure how you could love me. But thank you =p

Anonymous said: I love you!

I love you too anon. 


Had a half day today. Today was good.


Had a half day today. Today was good.

squinchiechu said: How many people run this?

At the moment, just one. We used to have more mods though.